Have you ever wondered why we make gardens? It seems to be a trait peculiar to our species. And it’s neither here nor there if the garden we make stretches over several acres, or occupies the kitchen window ledge; at some point, most of us feel the urge to begin arranging vegetation around the place where we live, sleep and eat. Perhaps in a world where sense and order seem in short supply, it gives us a feeling of control. Gardens are the bits of the outside world where we get to decide what happens.

This blog is the bit of the online world where I get to decide what happens. And I’ve decided to dedicate it to gardens, and plants – those we like (pretty flowers), and those we collectively disdain (evil weeds – it’s interesting how unnecessarily binary we can get about things). Here you can find book reviews, and tool reviews, practical advice and stories from other gardeners, seasonal observations and reflections upon how our gardens sit within the landscape. And along the way, I might find time to mull over what our attitudes to all these things has to say about us.

Now you’re here, I hope you might have a few minutes to have a poke around and see what’s of interest, and leave me a comment at the end of a post, if you’re inclined (I do love a comment, and aim to respond to them all). If you’re pushed for time and would prefer a podcast, there’s one of those too – the Gardens, weeds & words podcast here, or the first series of the Virgin Gardener podcast which I cohosted with Laetitia Maklouf. Otherwise, come and talk gardens and plants with me me on twitter or instagram, where you can find me as @AndrewTimothyOB.